Data Driven Precision Agriculture

Services and Skill Acquisition

WIDESPREAD-05-2017 – Twinning

DRAGON aims to overcome one of the main challenges in precision agriculture (PA) – low rate of adoption of PA technologies and practices, especially concerning the “big data in agriculture”.

Dragon Solution:

Specific objectives of the project are:

To enhance the long-term scientific & technological capacity of BioSense researchers to perform analyses of multiscale multisource data comprising


1) Satellite & Mobile phone-generated data


2) IoT-generated data


3) Phenomics


4) Genomics


5) Meta-genomics;

To perform training and nurturing of young researchers to develop their career in data-driven PA and promotion of opportunities for further career development within BioSense and partner institutions – Wageningen University (the Netherlands) and Agri-EPI Centre (UK)

To enable data-driven PA eco-system development by providing resources to be accessed through agricultural knowledge and information systems.

To enhance BioSense researchers’ capability to communicate high-tech knowledge and related legislative matters in the PA sector to various stakeholders and non-scientific local community in order to achieve better dissemination/diffusion and subsequent adoption of the PA innovative data-driven solutions

Project objectives will be realised through the implementation of five work packages:

1: Project management

2: Enhancing BIOS S&T expertise in PA

3: Enhancing BIOS COMMunication expertise in PA

4: Dissemination & outreach

5: Ethics requirements

Dragon News


Nov 12 2019

Second DRAGON project meeting will be held on February 11-13 2019 in BioSense Institute, in combination with the experts visits from WU and Agri-EPI.


Dec 1 2018

DRAGON kick-off meeting was held on October 29-30 2018 in BioSense Institute, University of Novi Sad.

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